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Lean, Lunch & Learn Workshops

Lean, Lunch & Learn (L3) Workshops featuring a discussion on a best practice in Academic Affairs. The Best Practices group, composed of Academic Affairs Assistant Deans, will prioritize topics for the L3. The goal is to come up with a best practice by the end of each L3 workshop.

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Next L3 Workshop

Topic:  Foundational Practices in AA IT Groups

When:  Thursday, December 8, 2022, 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.  

This workshop will discuss foundational best practices for Academic Affairs IT groups to include topics of organizational unit (OU), active directory (AD), ittools, mailupd, and followup communication.

All IT professionals are welcome.



Previous L3 Workshops

OCT 2022: Campus Documentation

Campus Documentation

October 14, 2022

Various changes have brought about the need to produce and locate instructions FAQs KBAs tips and policies. Session provided the latest guidance from Campus Platform Technologies and shared best practices in deciding when to use Blink Collab ServiceNow KBAs or other sources. What goes where?

Presentation + Q&A recording (video) and slides (pdf).  

SEP 2022: Staff Team Building

Staff Team Building

September 15, 2022

During the EVCRA-hosted Listening Sessions in May 2022 one of the frequently mentioned topics was staff retention and morale. Many units have come forward with requests for information about team building activities and how to boost morale. This was a discussion on your team building list - What are you doing in your areas?

View the session recording or PDF of slides.

Also, view the 'Academic Affairs Staff Team Building Resourses" list.

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AUG 2022: Fiscal Reporting - Overview & Updates

Fiscal Reporting - Overview & Updates

August 30, 2022

An overview of fiscal reporting strategy for fund managers and fiscal managers – what is in production now and what is coming. View the session recording or PDF of slides.

JUL 2022: Resources to Train HR Contacts

Resources to Train HR Contacts

July 28, 2022  

The Academic Affairs Center for Operational Excellence (COE) will host this Lean, Lunch and Learn (L3) Workshop: “HR Contact Training Resources” with special panelists from the VCAA HR Advocates Group. Although this session is designed for those supervisors and units who hire and onboard ‘HR Contacts’ or similar positions, all are welcome!

The resource list is intended for supervisors/HR colleagues to help train new HR Contacts on the most important and commonly visited topics within HR Contact responsibilities.

See the list on the EVC Human Resources page.

FEB 2022: Student Employee Onboarding Checklist

FEB 11, 2022: 'Student Employee Onboarding Checklist'  See the HR Best Practices page for results!