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Space Planning & Facilities

The Space Planning & Facilities Unit of AVC- Resource Administration provides assistance and expertise to all Academic Affairs units (schools and administrative units reporting to the EVC) developing short and long-term strategies related to the effective management of space and facility utilization. This unit also serves as a representative and liaison of the EVC in the planning, budgeting, designing, construction, and outfitting of facilities.

Space Planning & Facilities Contacts

Space Request

Academic Affairs Space Request Form

This revised process is under review and subject to change.

Introduction: This space request should be completed for new or incremental space needs within Academic Affairs. This information is used by the Academic Affairs leadership to understand the specific space needs, research and activities to occur in the assigned space, how the space will support the campus, and a description of people that will actually work in the assigned space.

Submittal: A complete space request must be submitted by a Dean, Provost or VC, or designee. Therefore, departments and ORUs must work with their respective Dean or VC for requesting space. Provide as much information as possible. If information is unavailable, note that in the request. Incomplete data may delay the process. Submission of this request does not constitute approval.

Process: After submission, the response time can range depending on outstanding requests and space availability. All space requests will be assessed by the Executive Vice Chancellor, the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Resource Administration. An official assignment of space is by letter from Senior AVC-AA to the Dean, Provost or Vice Chancellor.

This space request is not applicable to vivarium areas. Requests for vivarium space should be coordinated separately with the Director of UC San Diego Animal Care Program.

Space Standards

Facilities Inventory